What We Do

About Us

Alturas is a private holding company with investments in real estate and multiple operating companies.

At Alturas, core values are more than just words, they are a way of life.

As we grow and add more people and companies, our strategies and processes will change, but our core values will always remain the same. Our strategy is to attract and retain top talent and collaborate with top level partners to acquire, create and scale self-managing companies. We have invested over $350 million in real estate assets, multiple companies and several local angel funds.

Our Culture

We’ve created a challenging, fun and engaging performance-based culture. We live by the philosophy of “undereducated overachievers” and have a bias toward action. Don’t tell us you’re going to do it. Just do it!

Our competitive advantage is our people. We know that the individuals that make up our team are the key to our success, and we’re committed to attracting and retaining top talent. We hire awesome people that are looking to tackle huge challenges.

Growth Mindset

We are always pushing for a brighter future. We find better ways of doing everything, and work to achieve more than we believe is possible.


When partners are taken care of, they perform at their best. We operate responsibly for abundant internal capital, and we nurture partnerships for abundant external capital.


We take full responsibility for our actions and hold others accountable. We’re dependable and trustworthy in everything we do.


Everything good in life is done in collaboration with others. Together, we can accomplish amazing amounts of work.

The Heart of Alturas